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Gift of Destiny, Throttle ~CD review by Cat.

A fantastic heart felt review of our music.  Yes, the CD was recorded & mixed in 5 days, but years of life experiences are encapsulated in those little digital files. This girl gets it and we love her for it! Click on the link below…

Archive for October, 2011

A Great Write-Up About Throttle

There is no better feeling than when somebody makes a connection with our music and can just understand where we’re coming from. Look, good or bad, we want people to have some kind of emotional response to our tunes. That’s why we write them. Getting our message into your noggins and tapping into shared feelings and experiences.

Of course, we really really like it when someone responds positively to the experience of listening to our music. A fella we’ve never met before, and who posts blogs during the witching hours, got a hold of our songs and, luckily, was very impressed. We were blown away that someone, unsolicited, gave such an awesome review of Throttle (there’s a dirty world of PR and press releases and a fair amount of $$$ that goes into getting attention). So, without further ado, James White’s Musical Journey and his review of our baby, Throttle.